Selling to the Government of Canada

The Canadian Federal Government offers tremendous opportunities to thousands of businesses.

Annual Procurement By the Canadian Government

  • Total Awarded For Goods & Services: 18 Billion   ($18,000,000,000)

  • Awarded to Canadian Businesses: 11 Billion  ($11,000,000,000)

  • Awarded to Small Businesses: 6 Billion  ($6,000,000,000)

Though there are opportunities with almost every conceivable service or product, it’s not geared for everyone.  The procurement process can be complex and simply getting qualified can be daunting.  This is where many organizations need help.

Stellacon Solutions can provide you practical advice and strategic tactics on how to expertly navigate the federal government procurement process.

Stellacon can:

  • Help you decide if federal government opportunities are a good match for your business.

  • Provide you strategic advice on how to win more business at higher rates.

  • Help you understand how the federal government buys goods and services.

  • Help you understand how the procurement process works.

  • Help your business avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Help you understand how the bid evaluation works.

  • Help you determine if your company, your personnel and/or your facility require a security clearance.

  • Help you determine whether you need to be enrolled in the Controlled Goods Program.

  • Assist with facilitating the process.

  • Help you avoid registration delays that can cost you substantial sales revenue.

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