Quick Start Success - Training For New Consultants

I was upset – really upset. And angry too.  

An acquaintance of mine (let’s call him Steve) who had started consulting around the same time as me recently told me that he’s going back to a regular job. “The consulting thing just isn’t working out”, he said.

Now Steve is a highly educated individual (multiple degrees), has awesome work experience and is a very down-to-earth and likeable person.

What upset me is not that he’s returning to gainful employment but that the consulting firm he had joined last year had let him fail.  I could understand if he was trying to go solo and failed but in my view, the firm he joined had a responsibility to help him succeed – and they didn’t do their job.

The first signs of trouble I saw was when I met Steve for coffee about two months into his consulting gig.  I wanted to know what type of customers he was looking for so that I ‘d be able to keep an eye out for potential leads for him.   Steve answered by providing me a lengthy narrative of the work he actually did.  He hadn’t answered my question and when I tried to get clarification I ended up getting more of the same.  Steve could tell me what he did but he couldn’t express his value proposition.  I was flabbergasted.  Again, if he was working on his own then maybe I could discount it to being green but considering he was working for a firm, I thought it was unconscionable on the firms’ part.

The reality is, when I started my consulting and coaching business I initially had the same issue. The difference is, when I realized what I was saying wasn’t resonating with my prospective customers I knew I had to change gears.

The really troubling part is, I see the exact same scenario on a very regular basis. Steve was a very educated guy but the reality is, he didn’t know how to express his value proposition or how to sell himself.   I think what got to me in this case was that I really liked Steve and was upset that the firm he was affiliated with had let him down.

Based on this experience, I resolved I would build a focused coaching program to address this issue. A program specifically for Consultants who were struggling with selling themselves and taking their services to market.  It’s also highly relevant for people thinking about entering the world of consulting.

Well, I did build it and it’s called, “Quick-Start Consulting Success”.

Quick-Start Consulting Success is designed to help you:

  • Review, Validate & Refine Your Value Proposition

  • Learn How to Sell Yourself

  • Learn How to Take Your Offering to Market

  • Create a Business Development Plan

  • Learn How to Network Effectively

We facilitate the training through 6 one-on-one sessions at our office so that the results are 100% relevant to you.

Quick-Start Consulting Success will begin in June and I’m accepting bookings now.

Our “Quick-Start Consulting Success” program is only $875 + HST.   If you’re a consultant and you’re struggling or if you’re thinking of getting into the field then this may be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Let’s face it – every week that you’re not succeeding as a consultant you are losing revenue opportunities.  I believe that the skills and knowledge you learn from my program will fast track your success by months.

Fast track your success and register today.

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